YOUR CONSULTANT IS Pam & Dennis Forneris

My Story

My amazing adventure with Scentsy started in March 2015 when a good friend had a Scentsy Facebook party. I purchased the Cream Tulip lampshade warmer. Well I liked it, but Dennis (my hubby, aka the King of Wax) thought it was the ugliest thing he ever seen!  But he did love all my scent and wax choices. I liked everything so much I decide to do a basket party and that went amazing. All my friends and family loved the products so much! My friends, and my up line now, told me I should consider becoming a consultant, I was so against it thinking this company was like every other direct sales company out there, and frankly I haven’t had good experiences with other direct sales companies before. The party I hosted for my friends got delivered and Dennis saw all the free and half price items I received and thought “wow, this is amazing!”. He asked “how do we get more?!”. I told him I either have more parties or I can sell it. So we talked about it and learned more about all the fantastic opportunities Scentsy offers to its Direct Sales Consultants and decided we would sell it together and our amazing adventure all started in April 2015. I started off with huge success, and I could see right away how different Scentsy is from other companies: I hit my Shooting Star award with in my first 15 days and hit my Scentsational Start in my first 70 days! I thought “wow it’s totally working!”.  I did some house parties, basket parties and vendor events and things were going great. Well July came and I watched so many of my team members go to Family Reunion in Vegas, an event hosted by Scentsy. I watched all the awards people received. I talked with them about all of the trips they earned. I knew right then I wanted that to be me. So I put my heart and soul into Scentsy. I hit some amazing goals in the fall of 2015, like $2,000 in sales in one month and $10,000 lifetime sales. I am so proud of myself and how far I come already with the Company. The more my sales grew, the more Dennis and I spoke about me doing Scentsy full time. And I was so confident in the path Scentsy has for me that I took the leap. At the end of January 2016 I quit my full time job and decided to do Scentsy Full Time. The weekend before I started doing Scentsy full time I went to New Hampshire for our Scentsy World Tour. I left World Tour beyond pumped. I saw countless other ladies run the business full time and have amazing success. I am loving being at home with my four legged children and running my business. I’ve met so many fabulous people, some of who are now my closest friends, I’ve given our family that financial push we needed, and I am finally happy and loving what I do for a living. How many people get to say that? If you ever even been the littlest bit curious, ever thought about earning extra money for maybe a vacation, to pay off debt, to pay for the kid’s extra activities or to be a stay at home mom/dad reach out to me. I promise this was the best $99 we ever spent, its done nothing short of change my life.